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Expressive Arts Activity: Developing A New Frame of Mind

For this month's Therapeutic Tidbit I'd like to focus on the importance of breaking the silence and talking about what is going on. Sometimes this entails a re-framing of our frame of mind...here's what I mean. The news of Robin William's death in mid-August seemed to impact an enormous amount of people. It was shocking, sad, and for many, confusing. I heard or read at least a dozen interviews where someone would say that if they had only known more they may have been able to help. But … Continue reading...

Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton

Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong

Overview of "Art as Therapy" by Alain de Botton Art as Therapy, by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong, invites readers to look at masterpieces of art in a new way. Rather than seeing them as simply objects of beauty to be admired, they can also be seen as having therapeutic potential. The book contains chapters on topics such as nature, politics, love and money and explains how appreciating great works of art can have a healing impact on such areas of human life. Audiocast with Alain de … Continue reading...

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Whoooo Knows Best?

In this iconic cartoon (you can watch the full version below), a young owlet has to choose between following his inner voice and passion for jazz, or pleasing his father by singing what his father … [Read More...]


Memorial Day Thoughts & Thank You

Many of us spend our lives in our proverbial bubbles, maybe even reading about how art therapy can help veterans with PTSD every now and then. However, we rarely take the time to remember those who … [Read More...]


You Are Amazing!

by Dr. Deah Schwartz Therapeutic Tid Bit of the Month: You are Amayzing! This month you MAY notice the media gearing up trying to convince you how unamazing you are. It is their job to be … [Read More...]

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