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Art Therapy, Trafficking and Slavery: Utilizing the Arts to Help Heal Trauma

Slavery survivors are working with members of the United States Senate to end human slavery and trafficking. The survivors want senate members to regulate the foreign labors recruitment process. Besides that, they are also stressing the need for art therapy and other rehabilitative services. The Human Rights Watch and Save the Children are two organizations that use art therapy to help trauma victims move on with their lives. These organizations understand how sexual violence can impact a … Continue reading...

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Expressive Arts Activity: Developing A New Frame of Mind

For this month's Therapeutic Tidbit I'd like to focus on the importance of breaking the silence and talking about what is going on. Sometimes this entails a re-framing of our frame of mind...here's what I mean. The news of Robin William's death in mid-August seemed to impact an enormous amount of people. It was shocking, sad, and for many, confusing. I heard or read at least a dozen interviews where someone would say that if they had only known more they may have been able to help. But … Continue reading...

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Whoooo Knows Best?

In this iconic cartoon (you can watch the full version below), a young owlet has to choose between following his inner voice and passion for jazz, or pleasing his father by singing what his father … [Read More...]


Memorial Day Thoughts & Thank You

Many of us spend our lives in our proverbial bubbles, maybe even reading about how art therapy can help veterans with PTSD every now and then. However, we rarely take the time to remember those who … [Read More...]

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