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Tuning In for April

by Dr. Deah Schwartz Therapeutic Tid Bit of the Month: Tuning In In past issues of The Schmooze, I have covered many reasons why April is such a challenge. From stress-related tax deadlines and the numerous food-centric religious celebrations to the onslaught of bathing suit ads. It's no wonder that in last year's Schmooze I quoted T.S. Eliot's famous line, "April is the Cruelest Month." But the good news is that some stability is returning to schedules with spring break almost over and … Continue reading...

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Art Therapy Helping Veterans

They say, "War is hell". A person never knows what to expect in the heat of battle. One moment the silence is deafening, and the next moment the countryside erupts in percussive explosions with the … [Read More...]

The Count from Sesame Street

What Really Counts!

by Dr. Deah Schwartz Therapeutic Tid Bit of the Month - Marching Forward If you are like most people, you thrive on positive reinforcement and disintegrate just a bit each time you are shamed or … [Read More...]

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