Woman Crochets for Brain Injury Awareness and Art Therapy

brain injury leads to crochet art

The following was sent to us by Laurie Roman and fits right in with our motto. Have a good story you’d like to share as well? Learn how you can promote art and creativity here. You can also read more about what art therapy is and its benefits. Crocheting for Brain Injury Awareness and Art [...]

Study Shows Art May Help With Depression

looking at art may help depression

A new study shows that our brains react in a similar way whether we are in love or whether we are looking at beautiful artwork. Research by Professor Semir Zeki demonstrates that looking at art stimulates our brains which create the same chemical response as when we are in love. This is just further evidence [...]

Brain Injury Therapy Leads to Art Therapy

brain injury therapy

We recently read an amazing article at the Miami Herald about Shari Lynn Beame. Shari was just a teenager when it happened. She was ready to graduate and become a reporter. However, a fatal car accident resulted in a brain injury, leaving her paralyzed. Shari had to learn everything over, including walking and talking. Then [...]

Art Therapy Program Helps Drug Addict Get Design Scholarship

Emily Lewis Works on Art

Photo Credit: Patti Sapone/The Star-Ledger Emily Lewis was awarded a full scholarship to Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. However, you might be surprised at how she got there. An interesting story and a testament to art therapy, Emily Lewis dropped out of high school and was addicted to drugs. Then [...]

Art Therapy & Eating Disorders


The following story was submitted by a reader named Sarah. She wanted to share her story about how she used art therapy to help with an eating disorder and how art and the process of creativity has helped her recover. Her story, along with art work and examples of her writing are below. Much thanks [...]

‘Crazy Art’ Documentary Explores Art Therapy, Schizophrenia

Crazy Heart: Prejudice by Trinaty Wakefield

Prejudice by Trinaty Lopez-Wakefield from ‘Crazy Art’ A reader emailed us information about a new documentary titled “Crazy Art” that was recently featured at the 2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival. The film follows three people with schizophrenia and their struggle with mental illness. While the three artists have been plagued by schizophrenia from a young [...]

7 Art Therapy Testimonials From a Mental Hospital

This literally brought a tear to my eye. It ‘s an older video, but it really showcases the effect art can have on people. In this particular video, the focus is on people from the Mississippi State Hospital and their Community Services Program for people with mental illness. And while this may or may not [...]