Art Therapy Grants & Scholarships

*Updated October 24, 2011

Check back for upcoming art therapy scholarship and grant information. If you know about any grants or scholarships, please email us at arttherapyblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Listed Scholarships:

  1. Society for the Arts in Healthcare Student Scholarship (Deadline October 31)
  2. American Art Therapy Association Scholarship (Deadline May 1, 2012)
  3. Gladys Agell Award for Excellence in Research (Deadline May 1, 2012)

Society for the Arts in Healthcare Student Scholarship

For all our student readers and anyone that knows a student, the following scholarship was sent to us by the Society for the Arts in Healthcare. (quicklink to application form)

Student Scholarship Guidelines


To offer an annual scholarship to one Society for the Arts in Healthcare undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student member who has made a contribution to the field of arts in healthcare or shows significant interest in the field of arts in healthcare as a future career


  • $1,000 scholarship to support education in an arts in healthcare curriculum, made possible by the generous support of Tina S. Lassiter
  • Award announcement posted on the Society’s website and Facebook page

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be considered, applicant must be a current student member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare in good standing, and must show documentation of at least part-time enrollment in an accredited institution.
  • Applicant should demonstrate specific contributions to the field of arts in healthcare through the development of student activities, community outreach, and/or similar actions that either support the integration of the arts into the healthcare experience or show significant interest in the field.
  • Current board members, employees, or interns of the Society are not eligible.
  • Previous recipients of this award are not eligible.
  • There are no restrictions regarding race, gender, nationality, geographic location, or religious or political views.

Application Process

  • The application criteria and process will be promoted to membership and posted on the Society’s website (Student page) and Facebook page by September 1st each year.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically, along with all supporting materials, no later than October 31st each year. The email address is listed on the application form below.

Application Materials

The following materials must be sent electronically to the Society as noted above. Preferred file formats are *.doc or *.pdf. All materials should be submitted in English.

  • Application Form (Application form must be completed in full.)
  • Personal Statement: The personal statement should include a list of the individual’s accomplishment(s) as a student and briefly address the following questions (please limit statement to 600 words):
    • What is your interest in the arts in healthcare, including past and present involvement in the field?
    • What future contribution(s) would you like to make to the arts in healthcare field?
    • What are your thoughts about the future of this field?
  • Supporting Materials
    • References. Please list contact information for two references who can speak to your personal and professional attributes.
    • Proof of Enrollment. Please submit current proof of enrollment as a part- or full-time student, such as a copy of an official current class schedule, a transcript (official or unofficial), or verification on school letterhead from a current counselor or academic advisor (with contact information).


  • The applications will be reviewed by the members of the Awards Committee.
  • Applications will be judged according to creativity, uniqueness, and ability to implement thoughts and ideas regarding the future of this field.
  • The Awards Committee will select the final scholarship recipient in January of each year.
  • Scholarship recipient will be notified of the award by February 1st of each year.

You can find out more about the scholarship and The Society for the Arts in Healthcare here:

American Art Therapy Association 2010 Scholarship


In order to apply for scholarship awards, applicants must be a member of the American Art Therapy Association. Awards are granted only to active *student members of the Association and those who have been accepted or are attending an American Art Therapy Association approved Graduate Art Therapy Program.

*One award (Pearlie Roberson Award) is open to both Student and Professional Member Applicants.


May 1, 2012 is the deadline for applying (postmark or email) for all applications. Incomplete application packets and those postmarked or emailed after May 1st will not be considered.


Scholarships are awarded in November each year at the American Art Therapy Association Annual Conference. Winning recipients are notified in the fall about the decision on their application.


  1. One (1) Application form indicating which scholarship(s) applicant is applying.
  2. One (1) official academic transcript indicating most recent university enrollment (Transcripts must be sent to the Association directly from the respective University or by the applicant in an unopened official University envelope that has been sealed by the University. Be sure that you allow sufficient time for the transcript request from your University. No exceptions to this policy will be permitted).
  3. Two (2) academic or work-related signed letters of recommendation.
  4. One (1) student financial information form.
  5. One essay, limited to two (2) double spaced typed pages that includes a brief biography and a statement of how you see your role in the future as an art therapist.
  6. Documentation of acceptance or enrollment in an American Art Therapy Association approved art therapy program. (A list of approved programs may be found on the web site in the Career Center at


  1. The applicant is responsible for sending the student financial information form to the appropriate institutions.
  2. The applicant is responsible for ensuring all documents (application, *transcripts, *letters of recommendation, *financial aid form, essay, and school acceptance/attendance documentation) are received by the Association by the deadline. If possible, all documents should be included in one application packet and sent to:

American Art Therapy Association
Attn: Scholarship Applicant
225 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

*Official transcripts must be requested by the applicant and may be sent to the applicant for inclusion in the consolidated Application Packet sent to the Association in an unopened official University envelope that has been sealed by the University, or may be sent directly to the American Art Therapy Association Office by the school.

Letters of recommendation must be requested by the applicant, signed by the letter writer and may be sent to the applicant for inclusion in the consolidated Application Packet, or sent directly to the Association by the letter writer.

Financial information forms must be requested by the applicant and may be sent to the applicant or the Association by the school. Transcripts, Recommendation Letters and the financial information form are the only documents that may be sent separately from the Application Packet. However, if possible, the applicant should collect all documents and send as noted above as one packet.

If you have questions, email the AATA National Office at You can see previous winners at

Gladys Agell Award for Excellence in Research

Criteria For the Gladys Agell Award

  1. The researcher must be a student member of the American Art Therapy Association, Inc.
  2. An art therapist must be the principal investigator.
  3. The study must be conducted in the area of applied art therapy research.
  4. The research design must use a statistical measure.
  5. The research must be student work completed within the past year.


  1. The financial award is $250.00.
  2. The research results will be made available to members of the American Art Therapy Association, Inc. The method of dissemination will be determined by the Association Research Committee.
  3. The submission must adhere to APA publication guidelines.

Application Schedule:

  1. The deadline for submission of papers to be considered for this award will be April 1 of the year following graduation (both May and December graduates may submit papers by April 1 of the following year).
  2. The Research Committee will review submissions and determine the winner prior to the annual conference.
  3. The name of the winner will be announced, and the award presented at the Awards Ceremony at the annual conference.
  4. Please click here for the application.


  1. Paty C. Orduña says

    Could youplease post the information for the 2011 scholarships? all deadlines are form last year.
    Can we apply?

  2. sahar abdolmalekian says

    Iam design student in master degree from iran.but i am interested to study children art therapy. what do you recomend me to do ?

  3. marwa afifi says

    I am an Egyptian artist and I am so into art therapy so much and I was searching for a long time to find an education or courses or even a masters in this field and now I found you and I don’t have that much money i am a single mom and i work also as an art teacher in an international school in Egypt and I really want this scholarship and i am dying to be certified in this field am not sure if i can get this scholarship but i am trying so i hope to get it or even any help from your site to find a scholarship about this field thank you so much

  4. Kyra Arrington says

    I am 40 years of age currently working on completing my A.F.A. degree from a Community College.I Plan on graduating in either Fall or Winter 2013-2014. I am trying to strategically plan my course of study for the sake of time and money. My goal is to complete my B.F.A and Art Therapy in 8 years I live in Maryland, and so far I have considered Towson University to complete my B.F.A, or Marymount in Virginia for my B.A in Art Therapy George Washington I have selected to Complete M..F.A in Art Therapy. The school selections in Maryland are very limited in this field, so I wantd to see if you could offer suggestions regarding my educational goals

  5. Tilly De Gabriele says

    I am 63 years old and have for the past 10 years been trying to further my studies in art therapy but there are absolutely no facilities in South Africa. The health professional council of South Africa does consider a post graduate qualification in America however. I hold a MVA in pshychoanalytical informed semiotics applied to South African contemporary feminist art, first class pass. Sincere regards, Tilly De Gabriel.

  6. Anh Nguyen says

    Hi. My name is Anh Nguyen. I’m a psychologist – psychotherapist working with adults and children for almost ten years in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. I hold a PhD in Psychology (earned in Russia, I studied there nine years) and I’m also working as a Deputy Dean in the Department of Research Management and International Cooperation, National College of Education in Ho Chi Minh City. In my work as a therapist I use a lot of art elements (drawing). At the moment I am looking for funding for my research “Develop an Art Therapy Based Program to Promote Positive Behaviors of HIV+ Orphans Living in Ho Chi Minh City”. Please help. Thanks.

  7. Violeta says

    Hello, are that Scholarship still happening? I am based in London, would you be able to give me any information, I am going to start an experiencial foundation and looking forwards to start the MA in Art Therapy, thanks

  8. T says

    Do you provide scholarship for students live in Singapore? I am very keen in taking the course. Please let me know. Thank you.

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