Autism and Music Therapy

music therapist with guitar

According to the CDC, 1 in 110 children have some form of autism. While symptoms vary from case to case, there are two essential characteristics of the disorder: the subject experiences 1) a deficit in “social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts,” and 2) “restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests, and activities.” Since autism is a spectrum disorder,  there are […]

Temple Grandin Movie by HBO

Temple Grandin Movie

For those familiar with Temple Grandin, you’ll be excited to know that the award-winning movie by HBO is now out on DVD. You might recall that Temple Grandin dominated the Emmy’s a few months ago on her 63rd birthday. It was a touching moment that re-iterated the impact Temple has had on the world and […]

Autism, Asperger’s and Art Therapy – Children on the Spectrum

The following is a guest article by Ed Regensburg and has to do with art therapy and children with Autism / Asperger’s. “DRAWN TO THE TABLE” WHY CHILDREN ON THE SPECTRUM NEED ART PSYCHOTHERAPY AS A REQUIRED SERVICE by: Ed Regensburg MA, CHt.,ATR-BC,LCAT Children (and anyone else) who have been diagnosed with a PDD / […]

Autism & Temple Grandin Take Over The Emmys


It was a big day for autism awareness and for Temple Grandin. In case you didn’t hear, Temple Grandin took over the Emmys last night with 14 nominations and 5 wins, including Best Picture! It was also Temple Grandin’s 63rd birthday, so happy birthday Temple…what a great birthday present! Below is a preview of the […]

Autism Awareness Month & Day – April 2nd

April is National Autism Awareness Month. And today is World Autism Awareness Day. Below is some general information about autism, including a definition, some poignant facts, and links to resources for art therapy and autism. You can read about how kids with autism become “Kids With Cameras” and how an artist with autism can draw entire cities […]

Kids With Autism Become ‘Kids With Cameras’

kids with cameras

A new documentary by The Polaris Group was just released called “Kids With Cameras.” From the movie website Kids With Cameras follows the progress, challenges and triumphs of a group of autistic children participating in a film camp hosted by non-profit organization Actors for Autism, and taught by award-winning educator Brad Koepenick. This one-hour […]

Artist With Autism Draws Entire Cities From Memory

Stephen Wiltshire, an artist with autism, at his gallery in London

Update: After a few days, Stephen has made amazing progress…and don’t forget, he’s drawing this from memory and only a 20 minute helicopter ride to recall. **Watch Stephen draw New York City live this week. Stephen Wiltshire was mute and diagnosed with autism at the age of three. His dad died the same year. When […]

Art Therapy & Autism – Creating New Hues

Forest of Gold - Courtesy of Rob Lentz, director of Project Onward

A great story about autism and art therapy I thought I’d share…Although April has passed, it’s still a poignant article. And why should we only be aware of autism in April anyway? Enjoy! Art therapy creates new hues in Autism Awareness Month by Eleanor Perry-Smith Anxiety, over-stimulation, sensitivity — these are regular feelings for many […]