Guide to Art Therapy Schools & Programs

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Art Therapy is a growing field, which began by treating children and adults, who were emotionally scarred and/or physically disabled, with art and its creative process. In addition to its many benefits, many different types of people have been using art therapy for years. Some examples of where an art therapist might work are:

  • hospitals
  • community mental health centers
  • Child Life programs
  • shelters
  • prisons
  • nursing homes
  • special schools

If you’re interested in becoming a professional art therapist, it’s a good idea to review some of our art therapy education articles, including educational requirements and certification.

What is an Art Therapy School or College?

Art therapy schools help students develop strong foundational skills that help them interpret art in a way that is more personal & therapeutic to the client. An art therapy school will assist the student in honing their artistic talents as well as their ability to interpret and analyze art and the process of creativity. If you want to become a professional art therapist, you will need to complete the appropriate Bachelor’s requirements in addition to completing the appropriate Masters Degree Requirements.

Art Therapy Schools & Courses Are Not Just For Future Art Therapists

The best art therapy colleges and programs provide specialized courses for people interested in art therapy. If you want to become a professional & certified art therapist, then you are required to go through the proper schooling. But even if you don’t want to be a certified art therapist, an art therapy course or program may still be a great choice. If you are a social worker, teacher, psychologist, or anyone with a desire to learn and understand a new discipline and form of communication, then an art therapy education can help. A quality art therapy education will help you learn important fundamental methods of art therapy, and how to encourage & foster the creative process in your clients.

Aiding the creative process and encouraging people to communicate their emotions and thoughts in new ways can improve many aspects of a person’s life. The goal of an art therapy school is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to help improve the quality of life of your patients or clients via the creative process and expression.

Proper art therapy training from schools and colleges can help professionals develop new strategies for overcoming various disabilities in students or clients. Current professionals can gain important knowledge on how to implement various creative arts activities that can assist their current curriculums.

And obviously, if you want to become a professional and certified art therapist, then you are required to complete the proper schooling.

About Art Therapy Curriculums & Programs

Most of the top art therapy schools and colleges offer courses that are designed for people in various stages of their life, whether you are a full-time student studying to be an art therapist or you are a working professional looking to enhance your skillset and knowledge. Some examples of working professionals are counselors, social workers, human service workers, and teachers. Art therapy programs help you explore new ways to incorporate the creative process into your practice.

Some common art therapy courses and programs include:

  • Art Therapy Methods
  • Art Therapy Foundations
  • Understanding & Working with Images
  • Art Therapy & Self Image
  • Group Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy & The Creative Process
  • Trauma Treatment
  • Materials & Projects
  • Transformations

Art Therapy School Certification & Accreditation

Some schools may be branches of certain colleges and accreditation may vary. However, the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) regulates the educational, ethical & professional standards for the field in the U.S. The Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) is responsible for evaluating candidates and granting them registration as a professional art therapist. If you want to become a Board Certified art therapist in the U.S., the ATCB requires you to pass a written exam and maintain their credentials.

U.S. Art Therapy Schools by Location

*Please note we’ll be adding more schools in the U.S. and abroad.

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
South Carolina
Washington, DC

International Art Therapy Schools & Programs

Art therapy schools and programs in Canada
Art therapy schools and programs in the UK and Europe
Art therapy schools and programs in Australia

Please feel free to leave any recommendations or comments about your alma mater or any other art therapy schools you’ve heard about by leaving a comment below.


  1. sathishbhagavath says

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please introduce me any arttherapist those who want an art therapy assistant because i vermuch like to learn arttherapy,
    that can help me more and more its very urgent.
    can you please do a favoure for me.

    thank you.

  2. says

    I second Kate’s inquiry – this field is so hard to get into, especially when approaching it from a country is lacking in both educational and occupational possibilities within art therapy! I think that a guide of some sort, or a forum, perhaps interviews with art therapists and art therapy teachers (at university and graduate level) would be greatly beneficial for people in our situation, just trying to start out in such a new (and exciting) field.


  3. Catalina says

    I second both Kate and Christian, I’m finishing my art therapy masters degree and I’m really clueless in what to do next. Actually I know what I want to do but haven’t figured out the way to open the art therapy field where I’m living. I’d very much like to hear from other art therapists how have they managed to open a working field for them because there is nothing that I want more than to do this for the rest of my life!


    • Emily Wetzel says

      Catalina, what did you major in to get your art therapy masters degree? did you get an associates degree in art.. and then masters in art therapy? This is something I really want to do.. I just don’t know where to start!

  4. Emily says

    I was wondering if you know if there is a program that may be started up in NC or in Texas anytime soon. I have been wanting to get my masters in art therapy (I have a bachelors in Human Services) but it is very hard to do so with a family and living in a state where this degree is not offered (that we know of) Thanks!

  5. Rachel says

    I am looking for an online Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Can anyone recommend one?

  6. Chelsea says

    I am currently an Art Director (B.F.A. in graphic design) but I really have a desire to become an Art Therapist. What steps would I need to take? Would this require me getting another bachelors degree in psychology or counseling?

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

    • says

      If you have received any information for your questions, would you please email me information? Im in Texas and don’t even know where to start looking. I would love to find an Online program and would be excellent if it was self paced. Thank you, Rebecca

  7. jane pacete says

    I’m currently working as a sped teacher here in our country for 9 years, and 1 year as an art teacher in a pre-school. I always got interest to teach art in my students especially those who have autism through this activities they manage to settle down and engage in the activity in a long span of time…i was interested to become an art therapists since as myself like do painting and making arts crafts..i just want to ask if you have a certain institution to recommend where i can study as well as work as an art teacher, further as an art therapists? thanks

  8. janex says

    I’m currently working as a sped teacher here in our country for 9 years, and 1 year as an art teacher in a pre-school. I always got interest to teach art in my students especially those who have autism through this activities they manage to settle down and engage in the activity in a long span of time…i want to study more and become an art therapists..what are the steps that i need to become one? thanks

  9. Sarah Galloway says


    It is great to see all the interest out there for art therapy! I graduated in 2007 from SIUE Art Therapy Counseling program. This was a great program all around. I recommend checking out the American Art Therapy Association webpage to get good information on Masters programs — you can also find contact info to find out the entrance requirements for specific programs. To my knowledge, there are not any online programs available, at least that are accredited by AATA. I think there may be some distance learning programs that only meet occasionally though. I worked for 2 years in IL as a counselor and art therapist before relocating to HI recently. I am currently working on a part-time basis in art therapy. As for finding employment, it helped to use the connections I had made while I was a student, and it has also been helpful to look outside the box — I received training that will qualify me to be a licensed counselor as well as an art therapist, and this greatly increases job possibilities. I know only a few practicing art therapists who have the title “art therapist” for their job, but many more who are licensed counselors, clinicians, etc., and they use the art therapy within this. I am happy to answer any questions or be of help in any way to those of you who are interested in this field. Art therapy is a great choice:)


    • kelsea says

      I know your post is older but I thought I’d try anyways and hear your opinion. I have been teaching art for 5 years and I am ready to move one. I think I would prefer the one on one nature of art therapy. However there no colleges in my state that offer the program. When you say your studies qualified you to be licensed as both a counselor and art therapist, is this something you planned and did the coursework for both? Or in the process of getting your masters in art therapy, the coursework was similar enough you were able to be licensed as a counselor? I ask because there are some hybrid art therapy courses that offer online and once a year campus based classes and if I were to do that but then were unable to find an “art therapy” job, if my course work would automatically qualify me for a counselor license or if I need to plan to take additional classes to do both.

    • says

      Sarah, I just graduated from College at the age of 49! My major was in Communication and my minor was in Psychology. I would LOVE to find out more about pursuing getting an Art Therapy Degree. I would love any information you may be able to help me. Thank you, Rebecca Boyd 512-659-1865

  10. queen says

    i need help with art therapy guys ideas with self therapy what can i draw abt myself even if you could send or upload photo to bring up idea

  11. Katie says

    I am currently at a university majoring in psychology and minor in art. Is this the right way to go and what should I get my masters in? need help!

  12. Casie says

    Do you have to be an artist to be an art therapist? I have my degree in Art History and History and have some basic courses in Psych, Soc and Anthropology. I have worked with people with intellectual disabilities and childrens literacy programs. I’m creative, but not necessarily a qualified artist per se.
    I’m stronly interested in Art Therapy but I just need to know if I’m way off on this career path because I’m not an artist.

  13. sara nili says

    I need some advise on the courses in Art Therapy as I am searching for a appropriate schools in London or Europe if possible ,to study Art Therapy but I am confused and desperately looking for assistance in this area!!!be gratefull if could recommend schools .

  14. Deirdre Shine says

    hello, I am currently in Bangalore in India and I am doing a voluntary journalism placement. I want to write an article about art therapy as I know someone here who works in that area and is going to allow me to visit her work place for the day-I am however trying to find where people can do courses in art therapy in India-can anybody please point me in the right direction as I want to promote art therapy but can’t find the info. thank you!

  15. Sreeja says

    Hi Deirdre, I am located in bangalore too and looking to find out more about Art Therapy. Have been able to gather any information about the same? Do you know of any therapists?

  16. mariajose says

    hola, estoy contenta de haberles encontrado, su información es muy completa…pero sigo perdida, me gustaría saber si tienen conocimiento de algun buen centro donde estudiar arteterapia en barcelona, me interesa desde el punto de vista de trabajo con la ceramica…gracias

  17. Charmaine says


    I live in South Africa and I have been very keen to study Art Therapy but have not been able to find anything, seemingly in SA. Is there something you could suggest? Is there any Art Therapy qualifications that could be done through distance learning?


  18. Reshma Govind says

    Hello. I am a holistic therapist in South Africa, and am extremely keen on studying Art Therapy. There are no schools here. Is there an international correspondence course that I can do?
    I’ll really appreciate the feedback.

    Kind regards,
    Reshma Govind
    South Africa

    • Mohamed says

      Hi Reshma, I am South African too. I have a similar interest. Have you identified any international correspondence course? If so, email me please.

  19. Christine says


    Can anyone recommend a good school in NYC to fulfill the psych and art requirements for a MA in A.T? I’d like to eventually apply to SVA, but currently have a BS in a non related field (Human Ecology w/ an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising) which I’m still paying for. I would ideally like to keep costs low by going to a city/state school part time in somewhere in the city..


  20. Marlena says

    I’ve seen this question asked a couple times, but I wasn’t able to find a solid answer. I’m starting my undergrad this fall, interested in art therapy, specifically for the mentally handicapped. The school I’m going to doesn’t have the program specifically, but if I were to try to create it, what would be the path to start on? I was thinking elementary special ed with a minor in psych and my arts, but I really have no idea if this will get me where I want to go. Suggestions from those who have done it?

    Thanks so much!

  21. Vin says


    I am an artist and i would like to venture out into art therapy. I would like to know about good centres in India, preferably in Bangalore which train you to become an art therapist.


  22. Ruthy says

    I was wondering if branching to the columia mo. area was in the near future im currently a student getting my assoc in early childhood develop. and i was curios to know if by the time i transfer if art therapy would be more widely recognized in cities of missouri other then K.C. due to a custody arrangement i can not leave the Columbia area…

  23. Gloria Teng says

    The LYRIC CENTER FOR EXPRESSIVE ARTS is a center for individuals eager to learn how to paint and appreciate art for children and people with special needs who will express themselves through expressive arts and music appreciation. The first of its kind in the Philippines, the center addresses the unique differences and needs of individuals through one-on-one interventions designed to help each individual to achieve a higher level of personal self sufficiency, confidence and success in his/her respective school or community than would otherwise be accomplished in a typical classroom education. Lessons are individually planned and are held in a wholesome and welcoming setting that can be electronically monitored through close circuit camera.

    The management and teaching faculty of the Center are promoting and propagating the use of our specialized teaching techniques to trainers/teachers and facilitators designed to benefit the special needs beneficiaries and special education units, youth groups, day care centers, and senior citizens.

    Please visit our FACEBOOK account:


  24. says

    I am trying to gather advisement for additional certification to attain for Art Therapy in Texas. Are there any online programs or internships accessible to Texans?

    With warm regards,

  25. says

    Great to see your informative and enthusiastic site. We recently set up the London Art Therapy Centre – a bespoke art therapy studio environment offering art therapy to the private and public sectors. We also run lots of courses which may be of interest.
    bw, Hephzibah

  26. Vicktoria Nicole says

    Okay, i’m a junior in highschool and im looking for a college that will aid my interest in art therapy. im searching within texas, but im not sure what college i should be looking for. Can i have any input on where i should start?

  27. Allyson m says

    If you are interested in art therapy, you need a masters in this field. In order to apply for the masters you will need to have a bachelors degree. You will also need 15 credits in psych and 18 in art. Lastly you will need to make a profolio of art work with different media 10 to 15 pieces. Also reference letters and a letter of interest. Tests like GRE are not needed for the majority of schools. I have been doing alot of personal research and this is what most schools if not all want. There are specific psych classes they prefer: developmental psych, abnormal psych, intro psych. If you are wondering what your bachelor’s degree should be….major in psych and minor in art. I hope this helps.

  28. Suzanne says

    Check out the site The first one listed is Naropa and says it is accredited by the AATA. Is it valid?

  29. Sudedra says

    Do you know of any good schools for art theraphy in Texas, Mississippi, Florida or Ohio? I am trying to start my career in this field and would love to start school in the next year.

  30. HL says

    I am just jumping off my ideas and hope to hear some sound advices or tips about studying art therapy courses.
    I have just finished my Grad Dip in Art therapy (based on Humanistic perspective)in Aus, but due to personal reasons I may have to study my Master in Art therapy in Singapore (focus on Psychodynamic). I am wondering if it’s a wise choice to study two different approches. What would be the best choice?

  31. says


    Iknie, at my little blog, is a new and first art real code and global tool with game characteristics. Mainly it is a code and a game that all can use and understand.
    I would like people from art therapy schools to now my work. Can anyone send me suggestions about how to make this ?
    As first real symbolic, Iknie has very new and unusual characteristics.
    Thank you,

    José Tavares
    (Artist and inventor)

    Iknie – Is there coming a new way of communicating ?

  32. Dave Hamilton says

    Why do you equate higher education with art . I think that feeds our culture’s discrimination attitudes . As though one needed a masters degree to be fully human .

  33. roxana De Peréz says

    I am interested in art therapy but need to find an online course. Live in El Salvador and can`t seem to find any

  34. kavita mohan says

    I am studying my msc nursing psychiatry..i need to do my research regarding art therapy on depression…i finished my dipolama in arts…but not in therapy…i would like to therapy schools,,which are available in chennai…

  35. d says

    does anybody know if the art therapy program at the art institute of chicago is any good?…thinking about going there….I heard NYU is good as well as Nazereth College. any thoughts?…Thanks!

  36. Denise says

    I am looking for a place to study art therapy in South Africa. Do you have any ideas? I currently have my BA (HONS)in clinical psychology.

    Thank you for your help.

  37. Storme says

    I am a student at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently studying Clinical Psychology (2nd year.) I plan on getting my Degree and maybe my Honours. I am wanting to know where and how I go about getting into Art Therapy. I too am looking for a place in South Africa to further my studies.

  38. JJ Murphy says

    Consult a career counselor, academic adviser from a university or college or a certification board. Be careful about depending on information from websites such as these where people post all kinds of wrong info. Leave the professional knowledge to the professionals.

  39. Sunnie says

    Hi There,

    I am a retired senior, have an MSW from USF and I would like to know if it is mandatory to commit to another full time program? Is there such a thing as an art therapy assistant program?
    Or is there a possibllity that already having my MSW might shorten the Art Therapy degree seeking time.

  40. April says

    I second Sunnie’s querry. I have my LMSW from ASU (Arizona)and also a practicing clay artist. I have been considering marrying the two. But do I really need to get yet another Masters Degree? Is there an at distance program, where I could complete the course deficiencies in a short time.
    I’m also wondering what availability is there of jobs out there?
    Is there some relationship to Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy Modalities?
    Has anyone out there attened Prescott Collage’s Art Therapy Program and can comment on it?
    Thank you. April

  41. shania says

    i want to be art tharepist but not with pencils or crayons and paint i mean with clay or pottery…

  42. CSpald21 says

    Thank you SO MUCH for listing these schools! I am currently a student at SCAD Atlanta. I have become very unhappy here because nearly everyone’s goal is to exploit art to become rich and famous rather than to heal and inspire. Thats not what i want for myself at all. I want to study Art Therapy more than anything but didnt know how to go about it an just figured i’a stay at scad. Now that i know where i can study im really excited to actually get my shit together and leave so i can live my dream. This blog is such a awesome thing!

  43. prerna says


    I am looking for a Art Therapy course which will be valid in India. I would prefer an online course. If any one has any info I would really appreciate the help.

  44. Elana says

    I’m interested in applying to schools to get a Masters in Art therapy BUT I’m wondering about the prerequisites I might need to get into a program! Also, an recommendations of specific programs or places to go and study???


  45. katy says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Katy and i have studied arts in Iran, also worked as an art therapist at a psychotherapy center for 2 years in this field.
    I am truly interested in arts and art psychotherapy and would like to take part in your courses.
    Please let me know if it’s possible to apply for your courses on Jan 2012.
    Best regards,

  46. yukti says

    My name is yukti and I have just finished my Masters in counselling psychology.I am currently interning at a school as well as at a counselling center at both the places I use art therapy when I feel the need. I really want to do a course or a few days workshop on art therapy so that I can learn in detail. Can you suggest a place or any trained art therapist in bangalore from whom I can learn.

    Thank you

  47. ganga says

    hi..I am from India…I did my bachelors in Fine Art almost three years ago…i have been employed in an IT firm…and have been into web design..i love to work with children, i want to get beck to art…i found this blog while googling on Art therapy…nice to see so many people interested in it…Are there any organizations or Institutes which give courses, or conduct workshops? Is there any way to learn Art Therapy in India??

  48. Terry Hodges says

    I live in Texas (Houston) and have a BA degree in Art, Education and English. I have been teaching for the past 18 years, but am really excited about the possibilities that Art Therapy could open up for me for the future. In researching school providing a Masters in Art Therapy, I am finding NOTHING close to here. Please advise before I am too old to take advantage of those possibilities!!
    Thanks to anyone who can give good concrete advice.

  49. Hailey Bollinger says

    Hello, i’ve been looking into schools that have pre-art therapy programs and I saw that Mount St. Joe in Cincinnati has pre art therapy courses up to a bachelor. They are private and pretty expensive but they give alot of financial aid. Check out the financial aid calculator.

  50. says

    I live in Italy (Venice) and have a high degree in Art and Education, and Specialization too. I’m excited about the possibilities of Art Therapy for my future. I’m finding no schools providing a Masters in Art Therapy, please advise me. Thanks to anyone who can give good concrete advice!

  51. says

    My boyfriend wants to go to college to get certified in Art Therapy, but there are NO schools here in Georgia. We are a working couple at my therapeutic riding program. Please advise us as to how he gets the schooling necessary. I don’t see any Masters programs online….There are BA in psychology online, though. Moving just isn’t feasible.
    Thanks very much for your help!

  52. Lisa says

    Hello, I just finished my junior year of highschool and am very interested in going to college for art therapy. I live in Ohio in the Cincinnati area and would like to go to a school in Ohio but would consider branching out to neighboring states. So far I’ve been looking at Capital’s bachelors program, possibly doing a major in art minor in psychology and concentratrion in art therapy at Mount Saint Joe, and there have been a few other small schools I’ve found with art therapy programs. Do any of you have any comments about those schools or suggestions of other schools to look in to? Also, during 1st semester of my senior year of highschool I am signed up to do an internship. Is there anyone around the Cincinnati area that would consider letting me shadow them, unpaid, for 10 hours a week during my 1st semester? If you have any info for me respond to this or send me an email at thanks :)

  53. Katrina says

    I am currently working on getting my Bachelors in Child Development and want to eventually get my Masters in Art Therapy. I was wondering how to go about all of this? Are there specific undergraduate minors that would be better or more helpful to get if you are planning on getting your Masters in Art Therapy? I am new to this major and have very little knowledge on it. I was also wondering if there were any places in San Diego county you knew of that have internships? Thank you!

  54. says

    I’m so frustrated to see that Atlanta has no Art Therapy programs. I would love to try an online program but I have not found a suitable program. Some require previous psychology courses and I don’t have any. If you could shed some light in online programs I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  55. Theresa Butts says

    Is there any Art Therapy programs or classes in Cincinnati area of Ohio.

    Thank You
    Need to hear from you

  56. Shanette says

    Not fair! a career to good to be true, and it’s not even offered in Texas. Are there any classes close to having this sort of program in my state?

  57. Eunhae says

    My goal for Art therapy is rooted in Christianity!
    Do you know a good graduate program that would be best for this goal?

  58. Ginny says

    I have an Associate in Graphic Design, but I feel like I have a calling for something deeper. I dont know exactly where to start. I noticed most places require a master in Art Therapy. I dont know how to go about getting to that point if i need to start an Art education major now? I live in NJ and am interested in a good affordable school near NJ or Florida. Any pointers to give direction would be helpful! thank you :)

  59. says

    Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, is a Graduate School offering Masters degrees in Counseling, Counseling, and Art Therapy/Counseling. They also offer certificates in Transformational Ecopsychology, Psychodrama, and Integral Somatic Psychology.

    Their approach is transformational, spiritually informed (engaging and honoring all traditions), evolutionary, and unlike any program you will find anywhere. They are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (NCA) and the American Art Therapy Association. I encourage anyone looking into an art therapy education to check them out:

  60. Alex says

    I have offers for a place on an MA Art Psychotherapy from Roehampton (FT) and Goldsmiths (PT). I’m a Fine Art graduate so am very familiar with Goldsmith’s reputation in the Arts but i don’t know which university is better for Art Therapy.

    Any suggestions? Have been going over this dilemma for weeks…

  61. Ali says

    Hi there fellow art lovers!
    My name is Ali and I live in Pretoria in South Africa.
    It is my dream to follow a career in art therapy and to work with disabled children but am struggling to find a school or place that offers the course here.
    I would appreciate it if someone could inform me of a place near me that offers classes or if there is a correspondence course I could do from South Africa.
    This would be appreciated very much!

    God bless!

  62. Marichu A. Ramirez says

    I’m glad to know about this art therapy school, and I hope there is already here in the philippines. I’m looking for a course and an art school for my son who will be going to 1st year college. do you accept a young student which he himself has mild autism but interested in arts? I myself is interested.

    Please reply.

  63. Taylor says

    I am almost finished with my BA in Visual Arts with a certificate in Art Therapy from Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa. I am trying to figure out which graduate schools to apply to. I have a lot of international experience and would like to work with refugee populations in the future. Does anyone know of graduate programs that focus on international injustices or have opportunities to work with refugee populations?

  64. says

    HI everyone, I am at my final year at Barbara Brennen School of healing and I have touched upon the healing effect of art and color. I have experimented with color and forms in healing sessions and in my own healing process. I have called it my healing journey at the school ‘healing through art’ because it had helped me tremendously in expressing suppressed feelings, interpreting energetic blocks in the aura as well as connecting with my inner child.
    My question here is where and whom can I reach for some advice on how to take this talent or ability further. I am living in Paris and wonder if there is anyone there or a University that teaches Art therapy and maybe help me interpret some of the drawings I have painted as well. I am also receiving some guidance and some sacred geometric symbols that also seem to have a healing effect on the body.
    Thanks for your kind reply

  65. says

    The right art school can not only enable you to learn and improve upon existing artistic ability and techniques, but it can also prepare you for an exciting career doing something you love.

  66. Autumn says

    Hi, I’m currently an art student in Michigan and I am really looking to get into art therapy because I love psychology and sociology. Art therapy seems like a profession where I could use my love for all of these things, especially art, without having to become a starving artist.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what classes I should be taking and major I should be signing onto for my undergraduate studies?

  67. kailey says

    I live in Utah and I love art + helping people, so I want to see if I can go int oart therapy. But I can’t seem to find were to start, can you help me out? I have no idea what classes in collage to take, or anything! I need help!

  68. Nikki says

    In response to someone’s post about a good place to take your psychology pre-req courses toward an MA in Art Therapy… if you’re not opposed to taking distance learning courses, I would highly suggest Louisiana State University’s Independent & Distance Learning program. Most programs should have no problem accepting credits from this program, though do call and double check. I’ve already taken the Intro to Psychology course. Very informative and interesting text book, a good lesson plan, and two short exams that I was able to have proctored at a local community college assessment center. Each course is around $400 (very inexpensive for a 3 credit college level course, even for a distance learning course) and all of the books can be found for a great price used. The have all 4 courses that most schools require: Intro to Psych, Developmental Psych, Abnormal Psych, and Personality Psych. Check it out. :)

  69. Ddee says

    I’m currently attending graduate school for my master’s in mft, as well as obtaining my license (LMFT) here in the state of Neveda, and would like to pursue an certification in art therapy. I need some direction on what schools provide online course that are acceptable and considered certifiable.

  70. Ana Rocío says

    I’m from Argentina, and I’ve been working in a fundation at the art program for desabled children, and I would like to know if I can get a degree, or take courses in art therapy to keep studying and helping them

  71. Lauren says

    Would I need both a bachelors and a masters in art therapy? Or could I get a double major in fine art and social work as my bachelors and a masters in art therapy?

  72. Dana says

    Hi all!
    I am interested in looking for online Masters programs for Art Therapy. I have a bachelors in Industrial Design. I have a ton of patience for children and would love to intertwine my love of art and kids. I am an Army wife in Alaska at this time and who knows where to next so an online program would be the absolute best for my situation! Thank you for any information that you can provide!
    Thanks you, Dana Gamel

  73. Sara Sáenz says

    Hola, en 2005 lleve un Diplomado en Terapia de Arte donde lleve cursos como Musicoterapia, Terapias Expresivas, Terapias de arte y Desarrollo y Terapias de Arte Plasticas, pongo en practica todo lo que me ensenaron trabajo con ninos y adolescentes les ayuda mucho sobre todo a ninos con problemas de maltrato, emocionales… me inscribi en la American Art Therapy Association y es muy interesante la labor que cumplen en dicha Asociacion y que bueno que a traves de esta informacion nos mantienen al tanto de sus actividades. Gracias.

  74. Marìa Iturbide says

    I need to know if I can receive an online course from here Guatemala, Central America. I am not a psychologist but I am an artist. I studied Sculpture and I have a Diplomat, a degree in fine arts and art education and now I am studing a digree in visual arts. Can someone tell me if I can receive an art therapy course online, the cost of it and other things I need to know? I will appreciate

  75. says

    I can see that a whole lot of people have already shown interest in knowing about an online program, but there seems to be no reply or response. Did anyone get a chance to find anything online? Pl. let us all know…


  76. Saemi says

    Any schools in Texas?
    There gotta be somethin’!

    Please share it if anyone knows any
    Art Therapy programs in any universities in Texas,
    preferably Austin, Dallas and San Antonio

  77. Stadlang says

    I currently have a Bachelors of Fine Art degree, and would like to get my masters in Art Therapy. Do I have to go back and take my psychology classes or get another degree in Recreational Therapy to apply for a masters in Art Therapy?

  78. archana says

    I would like to know how can I do a course in art therapy in India?recently I have done my masters in fine arts in paintings.I am so exicted for this course.Please guide me how and when I can apply for it.

  79. Sharon Lee says

    Im Singaporean and I am graduating next year with a Bachelor of Science in Business.
    I would like to apply for a graduate school either in the US or Europe to get a Masters in Art Therapy. Can someone advise me on the schools and the prerequisities

  80. Erica L says


    I live in New Jersey and I want to become an Art Therapist (In NJ or NY). I know a lot of people have trouble finding jobs with just the title of art therapist and was wondering what other type of licensing it would be worth getting? At Caldwell college I know they set you up nicely to get a counseling license. Or I was thinking of Hofstra University and getting a special education degree along with art therapy.

    Any advice?? I really do not want to spend a fortune on an art therapy degree and not be able to find a job.


  81. Beverly says

    Hi! I guess I have some of the same questions as everyone else…is there an online art therapy degree, and if there is would it be just as good as if I were to attend a university campus? Also, I am living in North Dakota, will more schools in the Midwest start to offer art therapy degrees? If so, when? I have a great passion for art therapy and believe in it with every piece o me, not being able to find the education I need is o frustrated! I have my BS in psychology and a minor in art because that’s the closest I could come to art herapy, but now I’m stuck. There are few options for jobs in the psychology field with just a bachelors degree, but I dont want to do anything other than art therapy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  82. Pieter Pienaar says

    Is there a correspondence Art therapy course anywhere in the world? I am an artist and hold a PhD in Educational Guidance and Counselling and I would really like to know more about a credible Art Therapy qualification.

  83. Anna Hiscox says

    This email is to inform you that there is an art therapy graduate school in Georgia. It is located in Milledgeville at Georgia College & State University. The program started this fall and we are accepting applications. I would be happy to provide you with additional information in order to update your website.

  84. says

    I’m writing to inform you of a new International MA Program in Art Therapy at the University of Haifa in Israel. It’s a full-time, one-year program that includes 600 hours of field training and a mentored clinical practicum. Please see the website or contact me for more information.
    Thank you!

  85. says

    I completed my masters degree with
    My dissertation being in art therapy. I worked with. School age children plus I did remaining part at a mental health facility in CA. I now reside in LA and I want to be legally certified. I want a art therapy/Christian Counseling center open in LA. How do I go about getting this done ASAP. Thank you.

  86. Priscilla Prather says

    I have been searching for sometime now, a program for Art Therapy, in Texas or on line. I am currently the art, music and early childhood coordinator in a museum in my area. I’ve taught music, art and motor skills for almost 20 years in schools and in parent child classes. My BA was completed in Volunteer Resource and Planning but the bulk of my studies were in Vocational Rehabilitation, Behavioral Analysis and Psychology.

    I enjoy working with children and have a desire to work in this field. Please contact me with any insightful information that could lead to the probability of fulfilling this dream. Thank you!!

  87. Erica says

    There is now a school in Milledgeville, GA with a MA in Art Therapy. Georgia College and State University started their program this Fall 2012.

  88. Paty says

    I need help locating Art Therapy programs in Texas. I am currently facilitating art-as-therapy program in MHMR clinic.

  89. says

    It’s very trouble-free to find out any matter on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this post at this site.

  90. Anna Hiscox says


    I am so pleased that this website promotes art therapy. However, I am disappointed that you continue to omit Georgia College & State University as a school of higher education in art therapy. This new program started last fall and we are approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (Sacs). The Directory of the program is Dr. Chesley Mercado and the coordinator of the program is Anna Hiscox, ATR, LMFT. GCSU only offers art therapy coursework (48 credits). However, students can still sit for the ATCB exam. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Mercado at It would be great if your website could support this new endeavor in the field of art therapy. Thank you.

  91. vasundhara says

    Hi, I love coming back to your website as it has so much of info and ideas. I work with primary school children in the field of art and craft. I am keen on doing a certificate/degree program in Art therapy.Do you know of any schools or colleges offering art therapy in India? Are there any online courses in the subject though i am not sure how helpful an online course would be?

  92. Laura Markus says

    please could you give me a list of schools/colleges/universities that offer art therapy in south Africa.
    thank you

  93. says

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that
    I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  94. says

    I need some assistance. I have come full circle. When I was in college, trying to figure out what I was going to do, I was a double major for a while in psychology and Art. However, I was frustrated because I was not sure about what I would be able to do with these two degrees. I finally just wanted out of school, so I settled for a BS in Social Work. I had looked at Art Therapy, but the school was out of state. I didn’t consider moving somewhere else. I was too scared and did not want to be that far away from my family. Now, here I am. I know that Art Therapy is where I want to go, but I don’t know how to get there. I live in central Texas. I am not able to relocate at this time. I work for a state agency that provides vocational rehabilitation for people who are blind or visually impaired. I am considering applying for a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor when an opening becomes available. This will require me to get a Masters in VR Counseling, Psychology or related field. There are online programs and I would be supported by my agency to pursue the degree.
    I have two main questions: 1) Can I obtain an Art Therapy specialization after I have a Masters in Counseling? 2) if so, would I be able to get certification as an art therapist? I know these are big questions, but I hope someone can help. Thanks!

  95. Autumn Lewis-Eaddy says

    I am so glad that I found this website. I got to learn so much more about the profession I want to pursuit. Art Therapy allows me to put my skills together. I get to use my skills of art and communicating, esspecially with young children. The more I read the information, the more I read, the more I understand. I hope that I will be become a very good At Therapist.

  96. Emily Darwin says

    I am interested in going back to school for art therapy. (I currently have a BFA in Theatre.)

    I’ve been doing research and have found a few lists of schools online. What are the most notable schools? Which ones would you say are the “TOP 10?”

  97. Mich says

    Hey, good post! I’m looking into doing art therapy, and I was wondering if you know anyone who does private practice in Israel? Thanks.

  98. Rachel says

    I am a photography graduate wanting to take a Masters in art psychotherapy. I am aware courses require experience working in different client groups. I was wondering if you could give some advice on how much experience is generally needed. At the moment I run a art based session at a youth group for disadvantaged teenagers one night a week and volunteer at a group doing ceramics with victums of domestic violence.

    Any advice you can give would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you

  99. Mandie says

    Hi, could you please send me a list of Colleges/Universities who offers courses in art therapy in South Africa?
    Thank you kindly

  100. Marissa says

    If I’m applying to an undergraduate program, what should I major in/get my Bachelors degree in if I’m interested in becoming an art therapist? So far, I have applied to art schools to get my BFA, however after talking to my counselor I feel that I should get a BA in psychology or something. Thank you so much!

  101. Rena says

    I have done a lot of research into art therapy schools. The only one I found that offers an MA in Art Therapy is Sint Mary of the Woods college. It is a 3 years program totally online except for I think 3 5-day events each year where you have to go to their home campus and participate in workshops, etc.

    The link for the school is:

    Hope that helps everyone!!

  102. Anita Hunter says

    I live in Atlanta and want to go back to school for my Art Therapy degree but can’t find a program. Any online programs you can recommend?

  103. Tanisha Charbonnier says

    I’d like to do therapeutic artwork with poor or homeless type of people, in a non-profit type of way, and then help them sell their artwork in a gallery or art studio so they can raise their own income (and help pay back cost of supplies), but I have no idea what steps to take for this sort of thing. Any advice?

  104. Vedalaksh says

    I have just completed a BFA in Painting and no subject with psychology.I am located in Hyderabad and want to do an online Master,s course in Art Therapy from India. Is my degree sufficient and where can I do this? Any advice?

  105. Nicole Guerrero says

    I currently live in New York where I will graduate with my B.S. in art therapy and B.A. in psychology. I am planning on continuing my education to receive my M.A. in clinical art therapy, but I have the desire to move to Italy permanently. I was wondering if anyone knows what the requirements are to be considered an art therapist in Italy, and if graduating with my M.A. here in the United States is sufficient to work there. If not, are there any graduate programs in Italy? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

  106. Sophie says

    I’m currently looking into becoming an art therapist as a career. I’m 16 and choosing my A levels. I’ve chosen Psychology but also Product Design instead of Art. Can I still become an art therapist on those options or would I have to swap my Product Design for an Art course? Also, after college, where would I need to go and what would I need to do to follow this career path?
    Thank you in advance

  107. Sherry Stewart aka Jerez says

    Attn:Laura Lopez,
    Thank you for thumbs up on info about NM program.
    I’m looking at art healing possibilities. Disorders stem from trauma and art is a step forward out of talk therapy to use the body where stress and trauma are stored so to have a more complete program is very important to me.
    As I’ve looked through this site I see very little concerning anything that sounds as integrated as I would expect. But your response suits me. In fact I wondered about NM as a forerunner in this field.
    I’m also looking for education funding as a senior. Many states provide this over 60 free education and I need this funding.
    I have worked as a ceramic artist, and provided reiki for clients and coaching.
    I work from an intuitive perspective.
    I have some sociology/ psych hours in college also literature, politics, art.
    I feel all of these combine to understand the world effectively.
    My painting is done on clay and I have also studied the picture book in children’s literature and folklore in literature and would hope all of these areas would be considered useful in art therapy prerequisites.
    I would think each person would bring a unique approach and set of skills to art therapy and these would be an expansive avenue for clients to embrace in their own healing challenges.
    So I’m intrigued with your response about NM’s program as it sounds holistic in that respect.
    I don’t merely want a degree that’s set up by psychological standards but by a wide range of human healing practices that work. The work of Peter Levine comes also to mind.
    Earth in the form of ceramics as well as gardening, growing Kiku for example, a Japanese art form is also work I’ve cultivated that is healing and inviting to those traumatized. Life is trauma on one hand and many different ways exist to learn how we can shake this trauma off and go on.
    I’m interested to enter a dynamic program ASAP. I live in WA state and am hoping the free education is available in NM and residency is not a big problem.

    Thank you

  108. says

    The University of Florida just recently brought its master’s degree and graduate certificate in arts in medicine online. It’s very similar to art therapy but broader — more for artists and medical personnel who would like to develop art programs in a medical setting. Here’s the website if you are interested in adding it to your directory.

  109. Sarah stone says


    I have a master’s degree already but want to become certified. Do you know I’d there are any programs that are shorter than 3 years?

  110. Audrey says

    Hi everyone!

    I have a question. My husband has a European passport ( his family is from Germany) and I am South African. We are considering emigrating. I will soon be a certified Educational Psychologist and I was wondering if I would be able to work in this role in Europe. Which requirements would I have to complete to be able to work as a psychologidt in Europe as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  111. Cara says

    Hello, I’m in the US, and I am really interested in the University of Haifa, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the university meets all the requirements for the ATCB. If not how much more would I have to do in the US if I got an Art Therapy degree from the Univ of Haifa.

  112. says

    I studied Art Therapy back in 1982. I have had my ATR -Registered Art Therapist since that time. Unless you have a terminal degree, you cannot practice in this field in most states and now most want Board Certification as well. Frustrating! So, if serious about entering this filed, be sure you are in a metropolis where the hospitals have Art Therapists hired. Most don’t. Or, you have a terminal degree and get your ATR-BC so you can go into private practice and accept insurance $$$. Otherwise it can be a very expensive investment with little to no return.

    I am looking into getting a doctorate with LICSW licensure for NH (probably Lesley) to amp my training so I can get 3rd party reimbursement.

  113. says

    hello and After greeting
    i am looking for study art therapy and i am from Egypt. do you know where can i take a certification in art therapy , i want to become professional in this field , I like Art therapy and I want to learn it?
    I have a graduate of the College of Engineering Department of Communications and holds a Diploma in Communications and a Masters in Communications
    How can begin to learn art therapy?

    thanks alote

  114. Dana says

    I have a question: Is it possible to go to school in the United States, and still be able to work in Canada?

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