Colorado Art Therapy Schools & Programs

Below is a list of graduate and undergraduate schools in Colorado. If you know of any schools or programs that should be added to the list, please add a comment below. We’ll check out the school and add them to the list.

Graduate Art Therapy Schools & Programs in Colorado

Boulder, CO

Naropa University
Contact: Michael Franklin, MA, ATR-BC, LSW, Program Director
Address: 2130 Arapaho Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: admissions questions to: 1-800-772-6951
Masters of Arts (MA) in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, concentration in Art Therapy.


  1. says

    I am very interested in learning more about earning an art therapy degree. Please send me information or links that will be helpful.

    I live in Denver but could commute to Boulder. Currently I am an artist but I would like to expand my vision and how my art is used for others.

    Elizabeth Wonnacott

  2. euneim, Jung says

    I have studied couseling at the university and am interested to study creative expressive art therapies…

    can you send me some course that I can take and when do you start the course and how long that I have to study and how much and so on..

    euneim, Jung

  3. Ashley says

    I would like to know any information concerning Art Therapy. I want to go to college for this career, and I would just like to know more about it, what courses to take, etc. I love art, I paint, and I believe that art has a special healing power. Please respond asap, Thanks(:

  4. Denny Gray says

    I have been running from this topic for many years. I talk about it so much with my art teachers. All my teachers say that I never give myself enough credit because I doubt myself in so many ways. But, I guess after my near death experience Janurary 2011 and again the only thing that brought happiness into my life was with a paint brush in my hand.
    I am still in recovering and have lots of physical therapy and other things to teach to learn to live independantly until I learn how to walk again. I was in school for Graphic Design which i will finish since I really do not have much more longer until I Graduate. Just need time to focus on my health. Which in rehab I started painting with other paients. And they asked me if I wanted to do somehting once a month. I live in Mississippi and I was disabled before I couldn’t walk in Janurary. I struggle with PTSD and some other things. So moving is a huge a leap even though my heart belongs in Co. I have some family there and I have always had something drawing me there. Maybe not in the city but I would love to live outside. I need to know everything.

  5. says

    Well i wanted to find great colleges for art therapy. I’ve always said art has great meaning because it does, It can help people express who they are or what they feel. I love art and i don’t have a general type i create, but i normally draw, paint, sculpt, anything in the art world. I completely love art because of past things i dealt with and art seemed to make me feel a lot better. please send me information on any high ranked colleges having to do with art therapy. thank you :)

  6. Destiny Fulkerson says

    Hello, My name is Destiny Fulkerson and I am currently a Junior at Morris Community High School, in Morris Illinois, I have been searching for colleges I have been wanting to go to. Colorado is some where, where i would and always have wanted to live when i was older. That time is just about coming for me to go out into the adult world. Please send me all of the information. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,

  7. MARTINA says

    Hi!my name’s Martina and i live in Italy(Milan).PLEASE,can i ask u an information?i want to do a master in art therapy…in Holland there are a good university?thank u,kiss!

  8. gillian crutcher says

    I was referred to art therapy through my PT who said you have unusual treatments. One is a plunger similar to a toilet plunger that is much smaller and fits over the knee cap. he said to contact you as I cannot locate this device anywhere.

    Can I purchase this from you please?


    Gillian Crutcher. M: 408-219-0578

  9. Elizabeth Williams says

    Eureka! I have finally found my Passion. I had this in mind eons ago while volunteering at hospitals, thinking the patients should be listening to music, drawing, painting to console them during their stay. Thought it would benefit the elderly to have someone play classical guitar music, or flute. I did not know this major area of study was available. Now I do, and want to know how to get started. I’ve been told it is Never too late! I was told by an art professor that I am a “natural artist”. I love art in a variety of mediums, I see art everywhere, because it IS! Happiness is finding one’s Passion!

  10. Diane Brown says

    I am looking for a Bachelor degree in Art Therapy, I am majoring in Fine Arts and Behavorial and Social Sciendes at our local College, How can your programs help me attain my goals?

  11. Alice says

    I am very interested in art therapy and would like to know useful information about it. Please send me information or links that will be helpful(about the courses, process of studying and so on)



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