Find a Job as an Art Therapist

Are you interested in a career as an art therapist? If so, you’ve found the right place. If you’re ready to see what’s currently available you can search for jobs below or you can click here. You can search by: job title, keywords, company, location and more. Navigating a potential career as an art therapist […]

Art Therapy Certification for Careers in the United States and Abroad

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Art therapy is an expanding field that is gaining more acceptance as a form of psychotherapy. With roots in both psychology and art, it is now governed by its own national and international associations. Professional art therapists are master’s level practitioners who don’t necessarily need certification to practice in the field. However, new art therapists […]

Art Therapy a Good Career? An Outlook on Art Therapy

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We’ve written about the definition of art therapy and who it can help before. These are good places to start to see if this is of interest to you. If you already know you’re interested in utilizing art and creativity to heal others, then keep reading about whether it’s a good career move. You can […]

How To Become An Art Therapist


Thinking about becoming an art therapist? First, make sure you understand what art therapy is. We use the term “art therapy” more loosely on this site than some other sites, but we also have a different mission and like the play on words. If you’re familiar with art therapy as a career and are seriously […]

Art Therapist Salary Survey

**Did you have a job as an art therapist in 2011? Or were you working in a related art therapy job field in 2011?┬áPlease take a minute to fill out a quick and anonymous survey (also found below) and we will share the aggregated results for you and others to view. We currently have about […]

Art Therapist Salary – Trends, Averages


**Are you an Art Therapist or working in the field of art therapy? Please take a minute to fill out a quick and anonymous survey and we will share the aggregated results for you and others to view. Art Therapist Job Search job title, keywords, company, location According to the American Medical Association, the following […]

Art Therapy in Practice

The following is a guest post by one of our Featured Guest Authors, Sheree Sams. She’s written a great introduction to art therapy and, in this article, covers the basics of using creativity and art in the practice of therapy. Art and Expressive Therapy in Practice by: Sheree Sams School Counsellor, Art & Expressive Therapist. […]