Illinois Art Therapy Schools & Programs

A list of graduate and undergraduate schools in Illinois is below. If you know of any schools or programs that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below or email us below. We’ll check out the school and add them to the list.

Graduate Art Therapy Schools and Programs in Illinois

Chicago, IL

Adler School of Professional Psychology
Art Therapy Program/Degree: Masters of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy. Post-Master’s Certificate in Art Therapy.
Contact: Nancy Slater, PhD, ATR-BC, Director, Art Therapy Programs
Address: 65 East Wacker Place, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60601-7298
Phone: 312-201-5900 x220

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Degree: Masters of Arts (MA) in Art Therapy (60 credit program)
Contact: Catherine Moon, MA, ATR-BC, Art Therapy Department
Address: 37 South Wabash, Chicago, IL 60603-3103
Phone: 312-899-7481

Edwardsville, IL

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Degree: Masters of Arts (MA) in Art Therapy Counseling.
Contact: P. Gussie Klorer, PhD, ATR-BC, LCPC, LCSW, Director, Department of Art and Design
Address: Box 1764, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1764
Phone: 618-650-3183

Undergaduate Art Therapy Schools & Programs in Illinois

Decatur, IL

Millikin University
Degree/Program: Art Therapy – B.F.A.
Address: 1184 West Main Street, Decatur, Illinois 62522
Phone: 1-800-373-7733
Visit the Website

Lake Forest, IL
Barat College of DePaul University is out of commission. If you know of any other schools or programs in Illinois, please leave a comment below.

Barat College of DePaul University
Contact: Paul Hettich, PhD, Professor of Psychology
Address: 700 Westleigh Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone: 847-574-6359
Degree: BA in Creative Arts Therapy.


  1. Annette Bridges says

    The Barat College of DePaul University ceased operation in 2005. There is no other Art Therapy program at DePaul University. You should remove it immediately from your listings.

  2. Veronica McGraw says

    I’m thinking about relocating to Chicago from Detroit and would like to pursue a career in Art Therapy, I am currently going to WSU and would like to transfer. Any suggestions?

  3. Ellen says

    Northwestern University in Evanston has an excellent Art Therapy certificate program.

  4. Dana says

    I was working on my BA in psych but due to health issues found art therapy and am now interested in switching gears. I have a background in voice,theater,dance and art but am not sure what the qualifications are for this area. What is a good school in the Naperville IL area and has wheelchair access ability? Is it possible to obtain on-line? Thank you for the help in my search :0)

  5. Megan Vail says

    Millikin University in Decatur Illinois has an undergraduate Art Therapy program. I am currently a sophomore in the program and I love it!

  6. Nita says

    I would like to go back to school to study Art Therapy at the undergraduate level. Can someone tell me if there are any schools that teach it near and around the Chicago – Kankakee area. There has to be more than what was posted. Seems like not much interest in teaching Art Therapy. Looks like I’m forced to study Psychology at the undergrad level so that I can pick up Art Therapy at the post grad level.

  7. Minjung Chwe says

    Hello, I am a senior, majoring Accounting and minor in Art Education. I would like to study Art Therapy in a graduate school, but it seems most graduate schools require art class credits as prerequisite. Is there any suggestion for me? I live in Illinois and prefer to go to a grad school near Chicago.

  8. Samantha says

    I would like to pursue an online program for an Art Therapy certificate. Any ideas out there? I’ve been searching for a while now and no have no leads.

  9. S says

    St.Mary of the Woods College has an online ArtTherapy program. It is located near the Illinois/Indiana border (so, near Kankakee also).

  10. S says

    @ Minjung:
    You have to complete a certain amount of undergraduate credits in studio art and psychology in order to qualify for any Art therapy Graduate program. There’s no way around that. You can’t study something at a more advanced level if you aren’t prepared for it. Go to a school that also offers the undergrad courses you need. Many (if not most) of them you can also take at your community college for a significant savings.

  11. S says

    You need to major in Art and minor in Psych — or double major.
    Check masters programs Pre-Req.s you need a lot more art courses than psych.

  12. lisa says

    Has the art therapy program at Northwester ended? I cannot find any information on it & I know that I was able to a few years back.

  13. Karen says

    I am looking for an art therapy certificate (not graduate)program either online or in Illinois outside of Chicago?
    I have a bachelors degree in art.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Alex says

    I’m currently getting my BFA (bachelors in fine arts) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I want to pursue a career in art therapy, preferably with children, and am wondering my options. I know my school already offers a graduate program in art therapy but after getting my BFA there I’m not sure I can afford it all over again. Is it possible to just get a degree in psych? My options are limited since I can’t really leave state.

  15. Jasmine says

    I’m not too sure if this is a closed thread or not but I’m going to be a senior in high school this fall and I was wondering if you could point out any good Bachelor programs in Illinois, or at least a program that has Art Therapy as a major?

    I’ve been searching for things ever since my Sophmore year and many just tell me to take psychology as a major instead. But my father has actually gone to art therapy classes before, and his teacher claims I should put the art as my major and psych as a minor. She says it would be much more of hassle otherwise.

    All of this stuff is so confusing and frustrating, please help.

  16. Trinida Langdon says

    I have been working in the field of psychology for over twenty- five years and I have reached my limits. I’m in need of a change. I want to go back to school for Art Therphy .

  17. Nina says

    Concordia-Chicago Art Therapy Degree Overview

    Art therapists use art for healing and growth among their clients, which may include children, victims of abuse, people with disabilities and senior citizens. As the nation’s aging population increases, there has been a significant rise in the need for mental health professions. Art therapy is a growing career field and can serve as a complement to other types of therapy, by using the creative process to help people improve their mental health.

    Art Therapy Course Information

    In this pre-professional program you will take courses in studio art, ranging from drawing to ceramics to printmaking. You will also have required psychology classes, exploring topics such as group dynamics and theories of personality. A course on professional strategies for artists will, among other items, help you put together a well-designed portfolio—a graduate school admissions requirement—that emphasizes your skills in a variety of mediums.

    For more information, visit our catalog pages for required courses.

    Art Therapy Major Opportunities

    A pre-art therapy degree ensures you will be ready to apply for admission to a professional art therapy program, where you will earn an advanced degree and can pursue the designation of Registered Art Therapist (ATR).

    CUC is surrounded by many excellent schools, major medical centers and social service agencies that give students the benefit of a wide range of experiences in the area of psychology. Being in the midst of the Chicago metro area means students have many opportunities to volunteer, participate in internships and to visit cultural institutions. Examples include the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Mexican Art and the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.

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