Self-Exploration – Exploring Yourself Through Art Therapy

picasso three musicians
Along the same lines as the self-portrait, the idea of self-exploration is a very important part of any art therapy. It can also be very rewarding. As you go through the artistic process and creative expression buds and grows, you may notice certain things about yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

It’s important to be open and not hold back when expressing yourself creatively. Self-exploration can be a hindrance when trying to communicate via normal language and expression, but with art therapy you are giving yourself the artistic license to really explore and not only find, but define new things about yourself.


  1. says

    Thank you for the article. I think that “new things about yourself” is the discovery of the light colors we all rejoice over. My Modus Vivendi blog represents the art therapy club of the hospital for the mentally ill.
    We are weak in theory but blossom out with joy to share our pictures.
    I will greatly appreciate your visit and feedback. All your remarks will be worthy gold to me.
    It would be fine if we could add Modus Vivendi to your wonderful site. That would be the greatest art therapy, because the flowers wither in silence – the colors must be shared with all for the pictures could blossom out indeed – to give the fruits that comes in putting nice theories into the concrete daily walk.
    Thank you once more.
    Please visit my personal blogs too. Just click on a link
    Thank you.

  2. admin says

    Thanks Tomas, you sound like a great man! I will definitely check out your blog either later tonight or tomorrow…thanks for the great comment!

  3. Rhanoda says

    I work in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and I have recently started using art in one of my classes to help people to express themselves. I am new to this type of therapy and could use some ideas and activities that would help these people get to the root of what they are struggling with in their recovery. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  4. terrell - berete says

    I’m an art instructor at the providence center inc in Ann Arundel County Maryland. This web site is good to see, and I plan to use it as a resourse, and I will share my result plus, new activities Ideas.

  5. smita says

    I am working with mentally challenged children. Please suggest some activities for these kids.

  6. ammie says

    hi ive just started a new creative progression program for young adults with behavioural problems in my local community and this website has been a god send for me to help with reserch and other such misc il keep you all posted on the sessions and if i come up with any new activities

  7. Marietta says

    Thank you for creating and sharing this website, it has been a blessing and inspiration for me. I have been an artist all my life,have facilitated an art program for seniors with Alzheimers/dementia and special ed.I’ve have recently returned to school to complete my BA at Antioch Santa Barbara, and after a quarter of completing my service work at a support center for brain injured adults have been asked to create an art program for my internship. I’m excited to have the opportunity to see if this is my calling in life, and if I would want to go on for a masters in art therapy, even though I’m 57 years old. I am looking for suggestions and ideas, have begun to order some art materials as part of a grant. Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. The organization cannot afford to pay anyone, so my work is for college credit only.

  8. Bernie Daly says

    The idea of self could also be expanded (restricted) by introducing the idea of location and this could help explore ideas of geography and environment, perhaps where the individual feels they ‘fit’ or lead to a more internal view of location-just an idea.

  9. says

    I feel so honoured and blessed to companion with people of all ages and various abilities. I am a registered clinical art therapist and say my gratitude prayers each week that I followed my calling in this lifetime. I also engage in animal-assisted therapies (AAT) both canine and equine. I recently acquired a new pup named Twillow like the willow tree…very strong yet bendable. Together we cultivate compassion and inspire people to explore their inner artist/resources to initiate change and healing from losses. Knowing the brevity of life I am blessed with working with animals at my side and knowing deeply that they teach and guide me with their innate wisdom daily. Knowing self along with cultivating imagination helps others explore their threshold spaces through enchantment, wonder and discovery. Merging expressive and animal assisted therapies enables clients to change through delight. What a gift of presence. Art heals imagine that.

  10. Doris says

    please advise where I can learn how to use Art Therapy helping people in need for their emotional…
    thanks a lot with kind regards

  11. rita tabone says

    I am looking for Art Therapy for a 15 year old girl who has FASD all suggestions would be appreciated. she has ADD ODD ADHD I cant seem to get through to her…. and I thought Art therapy might help to understand her behavior as well a means to cope……. She is my foster daughter and I really want to help her…..

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    Thank you very much for your excellent web site, It has birng us important knowledge on art therapy and colour therapy. I’m psychiatrist and painter and interested in art therapy. I would like to learn more about art therapy and its applications for emotional disorders.

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    I started painting right after 9-11 as a way to deal with the anxiety, and now I’m a full time artist and instructor. I know first hand how therapeutic creating art can be. Your articles are a helpful resource. Keep them coming.

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