‘Thought of You’ – A Creative Love Story Animated

We have a wonderful little treat for all of you on this Valentine’s Day. To say it’s just a video is to say very little about this. It’s a beautifully complete story, animation, and all-around well-crafted piece of art. It’s a great story for Valentine’s Day and covers the gamut of different emotions and relationships in about 3 minutes…pretty amazing huh?

Fitting right into our motto of inspiring others to create, we hope you enjoy this amazingly creative video. The creators blended 2d animation and choreographed dancing to create something stunning.

‘Thought of You’ Animated Film

Making of The ‘Thought of You’ Animation

The “making of” video is also worth watching. We think it’s pretty cool to get a look into the creative process of mixing different media and styles of creativity.


  1. Lisbeth Lanpher says

    I found the technical aspects of this video to be wonderful. The video in general, however, was a real downer. Nothing is resolved and the only positive thing in the guy’s life ends up being desolate in the end. I’m not sure why you decided to include this on your blog.

  2. says

    I agree w/Lisbeth in that the technical aspects of this video are wonderful. Love the integration of visual art and dance. I disagree about the story being a downer, however! The man has a fabulous vision of love, of light, of movement! He is given the gift of seeing the beauty of the feminine in his future. As he lies down at the end it is to sweet dreams of possibilities of his being becoming complete by joining with this ethereal girl which he will surely meet again! Thank you to the creators of this piece. You moved me to tears!

  3. JJ Murphy says

    I agree with Lisbeth and wonder often what is the point of posting these types of things on what is supposed to be an art therapy site. I understand that you mix art and art therapy here. But everything is so mixed up you do not do anything for art therapy. You have a lot of people interested in a field that is nothing like you depict on this site. They are all in for a big surprise. Maybe that is your goal? Maybe that film is the real story of art therapy. It ends in desolation because one was in love, spent 1000s of dollars and got no girl (job) in the end.

  4. Martha Jane says

    All art can be therapudic..not just the art that makes us feel good. This is incredibly moving! It’s short sighted to say it doesn’t belong!

  5. Lynette Van Hise says

    Very touching. Creativity at its best. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully appropriate clip on Valentine’s Day.

  6. Heidi says

    Agreeing with everything Martha and Lana said! This video was incredible…such talent! The beauty of therapy is that there is emotion, healing and renewal even in the pain. Healing is as subjective as the way that each individual experiences, interprets, internalizes and copes with their abuse/trauma/grief etc.

    Absolutely incredible!

  7. Deborah says

    Oh My, It was Beautiful. My heart went out to the young man in hopes that he would find hope in memories, in the love that once was, in the beauty of What causes us to live. Many times it getting through (dancing) those hurts that make us strong enough to no longer live for the “What if’s” but helps us to move on to “What is”. The art work of the movements draws a response from the viewer. I love the many arts that came together for this.
    Thank you for blessing us

  8. carrie ransfield says

    Love it so inspirational, one persons thoughts into art (animation) therapy, music therapy, dance therapy all in one. Touching, inspiring, alluring, poetic and beautiful xxxx

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