Creating a Jungle Animal Collage

For this art therapy activity, you’ll be creating a jungle animal collage. The goal of this activity will be to pick at least 5 jungle animals that you find interesting (it’s easier than it sounds!). If you’re not familiar with animals that live in the jungle,¬†feel free do a little research online and learn a little about the various jungle animals you’re considering or aren’t familiar with. After picking your animals of the jungle, you’ll then find a way of representing them on a canvas of your choice, creating a jungle animal collage.

You can create the collage of jungle animals with whatever materials you like. Maybe you have some magazines lying around with pictures of animals in them, the newspaper, some old National Geographics, or you can draw representations of your animals. You could even piece together some yarn or that old t-shirt with the tiger on it…however you’d like to accomplish this is up to you! Feel free to put as many of your different animals as you like, repeating them if you want as well.

While creating your new collage of jungle animals, think about why you chose the animals you did. Think about the qualities you see in these creatures of the jungle that maybe you either see in yourself, you’d like to see in yourself, or even qualities you wish you didn’t see or would like to work on changing. As usual, the process is really important!

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