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By: Tomas Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:31:13 +0000 Hi and the hearty thanks. You are doing a great job indeed. The page about the benefits of art therapy can serve the art therapy the greatest support.
It is easy to mix the fine arts with the art therapy and it is hard to say what’s what with assurance at times, but there is the greatest difference. The main tool of art therapy is not the professional skills of an artist, but the love in a literal sense of a word. Art therapy is something like the application of a theory of the eternities that were expressed in the best of the fine arts to practice – That’s the sharing of the love, where are no viewers, but we all become the participants.
The message of art therapy is not one or other picture, but the process that heals alike as the patients so the doctors.
In short, it is easy to talk nice about art therapy, and we can do that for a long, but what is needed indeed is not the beauty of the projects, but the publicity. The most of art therapy artists suffer from social isolation and are socially dependent. Your blog can help to unlock the hearts.

The art therapy artists heal our society, but they are the patients themselves and need the support for to exist. Art therapy can’t exist without the charity that can’t be received without the awareness of the real situation. Your blog can give that information and that’s the support out of itself – that expands our chances to meet the benefactors.
Sorry for my Lithuanian-English may sound not clear enough to English speakers, but I hope you understood what I had in mind.
Art therapy is alive on love: it grows on a voluntary basis and quite often is lead by the patients themselves. Our works are the sharing of the love that was received by us, and they would be impossible without you and your charity gifts.

Respectfully yours
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